Success with the website

Does trade must be boring? Many of us assume that a commercial site can not rise too much users interest. At last, our offer is similar to what is presented on Internet by dozens if not hundreds, even thousands of companies. Rand Fishkin proves otherwise. According to him, getting natural linking created by users, is also possible for the companies involved in e-commerce. Prescription for this miracle is given in six points.

title page, photos on page

In general, the recommendation is, be original. Page content should be unique and interesting enough to attract user’s attention. It is easy to guess that the basic mistake is to duplicate content already ava ilable on other sites. Our site will be secondary, if for example we will use descriptions provided by the manufacturer - these descriptions are generally available and we can expect that in the network they were reproduced countless times.

It may seem a problem, how to implement guidelines for the originality on the commerce site. It makes no impression of the perfect place for creative performances. But Rand Fishkin shows that you can do a lot. The work is on a specific, constant and repetitive elements of this type of page.

1. Title page

This is the first area where you can shine with the idea. But be careful - intriguing, eye-catching title cannot lose its functional value. This simply means that you should not overdo it. Keep the product name in the title, and also it is a good idea to add its important keywords. Ultimately, if you cannot combine the criterion of creativity and functionality together, better leave the title as it is. Put the unique content elsewhere on the page.

2. Photos

The more unique photographs of images are, the better. Ensure that the product sold by you is photographed from all sides. It is not only valuable information for the customer who wants to watch as closely as possible, what he intends to buy, but also good, unique pictures are your property and you can benefit from them, when someone will want to use them – as the condition for providing the license, make linking to your site.

3. Description

The text may be the main driver of your business. Fishkin gives an example of site Woot - right next to sold products there were descriptions posted so inspiring and fun that their newsletter was subscribed, even by persons who did not have interest in buying their products. The key to success is to include passion in between words. Fishkin says that the customer should feel the personality of the brand.

4. Statistics

Users want an access to information. Clear graphs present information in an attractive and very approachable way. You should make available as many as possible, because you do not know what someone might be interested in. Show all, except private data. Make trade structure transparent - many users will observe it in the search of information.

5. The comparison

It is another type of information that you can provide on your website. Sets of products allow users to efficiently navigate in the maze of offers. If you provide valuable, detailed information, you will attract people interested in the products presented by you. Some of them will consider you as an expert, credible enough that they will purchase from you.

Content created by users

This part is dominated by the opinions and ranks . There is huge range of possibilities depending on your creativity: evaluation systems based on stars, tags “like” and “dislike” , evaluating the individual characteristics of the product or the addition of short-answer questions prepared by you.