Infected computers - zombies attack again

Recently, there has been a very rapid increase in the number of so-called computer zombies. The number of infected PCs has grown by. .. 7 milion! Be careful, not to make your personal computer infected.

Infected computers, virus, steal files

Even though this information may give a rise to terror, your computer can be used by cyber criminals to spread

So, if you receive a message of unknown origin with a link, which you should click on, be very careful. This can infect your computer! Unfortunately, many Internet users disregard these warnings. Thus, it is easy to become a victim of a crime on the Internet or have your computer used for this purpose. Not knowing is a threat of danger not only for your own system, but also for other Internet users.

In fact, to a certain extent Internet users are responsible for the rise of zombies through their carelessness. Experts inform how to check whether your computer is infected, or at least whether there is any likelihood of doing so.

To do this, perform a series of commands and observe computer behavior. It is worth doing a test on your computer.