X-Pire - an expiration date of photos on the internet

Those who have learned what is public embarrassment caused by the controversial pictures on the Internet – would be interested in X-Pire technology, that will determine when pictures will disappear!

Recently, researchers at the University of Saarland have developed very interesting picture encryption technique, which makes sure that you will never have to fear that images uploaded to the network in your youth, wil discredit you in the future in the eyes of the employer, boss or family. Innovative technology - X-Pire software uses special tags, to “prepare” photos for the publication in the way that each user can define so-called expiration date of pictures, this is the time in which they will irrevocably stop being available in the network.

Although the technique of X-Pire seems to be perfect, at first glance there are some shortcomings visible. At last, if even one person copies image to the computer, before its expiration on the network, the picture will eventually disappear from the network ... but not from the computer. Scientists are working on such improvement of this process, that would “erase” photograph covered by the expiry date from other, non internet locations. Will it work? It will turn out in the coming months.